As we head into Christmas, I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for all our thoughtful clients.  To those of you that send us Holiday cards, and stop by to expand our waist lines with tasty food, we thank you so much.  We are grateful for your trust in us, and through these rather difficult times, the patience you've shown with scheduling and getting in to receive our services.  

This year we've tried to adapt our telephone, and check in procedures as well as making our appointments as safe as possible.  We tried different avenues, such as telemedicine, and tried to accommodate everyone as best as possible.  However, I know that we have not been able to serve people and their pets as well as we would like.  We've been unable to get people in as quickly as possible, but will continue to work on our scheduling to see if we can do better.  Thankfully, we now have Dr. Gillam to help us with increasing our schedule availability.  We will be adding another staff member also to help smooth out the schedule.

As always, we wish you and your family (including the furries) a safe and happy Holiday Season.  Here's to hoping that 2021 is a better year than 2020!  

The Staff and Doctors of Country Oaks Veterinary Hospital.